Influencer Program

Action Takers Who
Step Up & Speak Out

Empowering stories today to change a life tomorrow. We are looking for stories from women and men who stepped up and flourished after facing a challenging situation.

  • Become a bestselling author
  • Become an authority in your space
  • Be part of the book launch party
  • Share your message with the world
  • Be part of the Step Up and Speak Out community
  • Be part of the Action Takers Publishing community
  • 30 min 1:1 call with Mistie Layne to organize your chapter
  • 30 min Marketing strategy call with Lynda Sunshine West
  • Be interviewed on podcasts/talk shows
  • Share your story in 2000 words
  • Receive 3 marketing pieces
  • Receive 10 copies of the book

$1497 per chapter

$500 deposit secures your chapter

book cover gained by losing

Action Takers Who Gained By Losing

Inspirational and Motivational stories from women and men who use Intermittent Fasting and will Never Diet again!

LOOKING FOR INTERMITTENT FASTERS who want to share their story of how they got into intermittent fasting and how it’s changed their life.

What have you gained by doing intermittent fasting?

Are you ready to share your story? Do you know someone who does intermittent fasting who has a great story to share?

Only $999 US / 2000 words

book cover for healing powers book

Action Takers with Healing Powers

Inspirational stories of women and men sharing their gifts to renew the world.

Are you a Healer?
Do you want to share your story of …

🔥 How you became a healer
🔥 Why you became a healer
🔥 How you’re using your healing powers today to make a greater impact on the planet and renew the world?
🔥 How did you discover your healing powers
🔥 In what ways have you used your healing powers on others

Only $999 US / 2000 words

The Book I Read

Stories of women and men who were transformed by a book they read.


This book is a compilation that includes compelling and engaging stories from around the world. These women and men share how one book has changed their lives, making it an essential read for anyone looking to be inspired or uplifted by reading others’ stories!

We want YOUR story … Here are some sample writing prompts:

What was your life like before you read the book?

What prompted you to read the book?

What were your takeaways, what lessons did you learn?

How did it make you feel? Did it change your thinking? Did it empower you to do something or change something in your life?

ONLY $79

💥 Ask us how you can become an author in this book for FREE!

Coming in 2022

  • Action Takers Who Are Living “On Purpose” (with Sally Green and Lynda Sunshine West) – Have you discovered your purpose? What is it and how are you living “on purpose” every day?
  • Fabulous After Fifty: Stories of Women and Men who found joy in life after fifty.
  • Action Takers Who Lived a Year of Yes and What They Learned (with Whitnie Wiley and Lynda Sunshine West) – $1,799 / We will journey together for one year living a year of “yes” and then sharing the story of what we learned during that year. This will be an actual journey where the authors hop on calls and grow with each other. Life transformation will happen. We will start this project in fall 2022
  • Action Takers Who Are Thriving After Cancer (with Heather Carter) – Have you not only survived, but are thriving after cancer? We want to hear your story of hope and inspiration.
  • Women Action Takers Redefining “Disabilities” as “Beauty Marks” – We are looking for people who know their disabilities are beauty marks and are defining the definition of disability.


Future Releases …

Below are more working titles that will be released 2022 through 2024.

All of the below chapters will be 2,000 words.

  • Action Takers Who Never Give Up
  • Action Takers With Blended Families
  • Action Takers Empowering Others
  • Action Takers in the Fashion Industry
  • Action Takers Who are Caregivers
  • Action Takers Who Use Their God Given Gifts
  • Action Takers Who Pivoted Post-Pandemic
  • Action Takers Who Have Conquered Self-Bullying
  • Action Takers Who Focus on Impact
  • Action Takers Who AMP It Up
  • Action Takers Who Have Mastered Monday
  • Action Takers Who Move Inward and Uplift
  • Action Takers Who are Stitched for Success
  • Action Takers With Inspired Tenacity
  • Action Takers Who are R.E.A.L. (Really Empowering Another’s Life)
  • Action Takers Who are Thriving After Incarceration
  • Action Takers Who Know You’re Worthy
  • Action Takers Who F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)
  • Action Takers Creating Real Relevant Results
  • Action Takers Who Have Forgiven……
  • Action Takers Standing for Justice
  • Action Takers Who Have Escaped Death
  • Action Takers on the Quest for Self-Acceptance
  • Action Takers With Analytical Minds
  • Action Takers With Creative Genius
  • Action Takers With a Heart to Heal
  • Action Takers Who Invent Cool Stuff
  • Action Takers Who are Running a Successful Business
  • Action Takers Setting a Precedence in Their Line of Work
  • Action Takers In Leadership Roles
  • Action Takers Making Millions
  • Action Takers Breaking the Silence
  • Action Takers Who Broke Free of Family Traditions
  • Action Takers Dumping Their Journals
  • Action Takers Who Have Mastered the Law of Attraction